Executive Committee 2018 Elections

Dear NCROCAP members,

Please take a moment to vote for your regional NCROCAP Executive Committee for 2018. Your ballot must be received by December 31, 2017. Our ballot is available here: 2018 Ballot & Candidate Statements.

  • Write-in vote(s) have been received for member(s) for specific office(s), making this a contested election.  Please find time in your busy schedule to participate in determining the leadership of NC-ROCAP.
  • Please vote for your favored candidate by either selecting the candidate’s name on the ballot or by writing in the name of the favored member for each position on the ballot.
  • The deadline for receipt of ballots is December 31.

We hope you will join us to discuss our organization’s goals and strategic priorities at our 9:00 am January 28, 2018 General Membership Meeting in Carmel during our Annual Conference at the La Playa Hotel. We plan on making this meeting available remotely for those of you who cannot attend in person, through phone and video conferencing.

Ronald Lee, President
George Fouras, President Elect

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