Caring for Our Foster Youth

We are very proud of members of our community (including George Stewart, MD and George Fouras, MD) for their advocacy and tireless work to educate the general public about mental health care for foster youth:

NC-ROCAP is also working in collaboration with the American Academy of Pediatrics, on how to provide mental health care with primary care. We would like to gather stories to impact the State Child Welfare Department’s work on the new system and database operations for DSS.  The State is revamping its system and we all have the opportunity to impact changes in how this system is developed.

The DSS is looking for case stories to elucidate the negative outcomes caused by the failure of the system to share vital medical/mental health information with providers.  Personal experience relating how a lack of communication between DSS and the various healthcare providers has resulted in either negative outcomes for treatment and/or difficulty with referrals to sub specialists can greatly influence DSS.

Likewise, the DSS would like to know if you have had positive experiences when the necessary information and treatment records have been shared with you.

Please send your case stories to Suzan Song, MD ( and we will send them anonymously if you request, to the DSS. Thank you!

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