What We’re Up To

February 2, 2014

Silverado Resort, Napa

Present: Dan Barrett, Roy Eyal, Karen Finch, George Fouras, Edmund Levin, Ronel Lewis, Mary Olowin, Lally Pia, Suzan Song, George Stewart, Kory Stotesbery, Joelle Yzquierdo
Absent: Mary Burke, Ray Hearey, Dan Millman, Roger Wu

Old Business:


  1. Ethics (George S. Ed) – response to Dr. Martin
  2. Motion of Ed Levin to send a reply to Dr. Martin, signed by all members of the Executive Committee. Second of motion by Dr. Olowin, amended as follows: George Stewart to forward letter to Roger Wu and request the letter be circulated to Southern California and San Diego ROCAPs. Dr. Pia, president of CCROCAP agreed to present the request to her Executive Committee at their next meeting. Motion carries
  3. Academy relationship (George F. Stephen)ECP (Kory, Karen). Collaboration and Advocacy Grant is expected. Marcy Forgey & lobbyist for Cal Acap have agreed to do advocacy training for ECP’s, possibly involving pediatricians and psychologists in SF, in advance of the usual April 22 Legislative Action Day in Sacramento. Tentative date of March 8.

New Business

  1. 2015 Conference
    • Proposed date January 23-25
    • Proposed topic: Use of Technology
  2. Obligations of Board members: Fiduciary and fiscal responsibility of board members were discussed. Public statements should only be made on behalf of NCROCAP if cleared with the board.
  3. Communications: Minutes will be uploaded to the website. We will create two Google groups: 1) Excom google group; 2) Current NCROCAP members google group.
  4. Refund of Annual Conference Fees: the Excom will develop a policy at our next board meeting; the request from a member to be reimbursed is tabled pending discussion.

Next meeting time: Tuesday, March 11th at 7:30 pm Market St. (Mary O and Karen unable to attend)

NCROCAP Final 2 Logo portrait

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