Executive Committee 2018 Elections

Dear NCROCAP members,

As mandated by law, February 2018 – Ballot & Candidate Statements for the 2018 NCROCAP leadership and Consent to Communicate by Email were sent to everyone in the mail. The election concluded on March 15, 2018.

If you wish to vote by email in the future, please return the Consent to Communicate by Email to: NCROCAP, 432 60th Street Oakland CA 94609.


Aubrey Metcalf Award

The Aubrey Metcalf Memorial Fund was created to promote interest in medical trainees towards the pursuit of a career in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Priority will be given to trainees who have participated in NCROCAP events or proposals that include returning the educational content of the experience back to the NCROCAP membership, executive council, or local trainees (e.g. following up a national presentation with a local presentation). NC-ROCAP will award at most $1,000 per calendar year from this fund; no more than 2 awards will be granted per year.