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Our psychiatrist members are dedicated to improving the lives of children and families.

Our regional organization is the local branch of our national organization:

Upcoming Events

March 2-23 — SFCP Psychoanalytic Student Seminars: The Art of Catching the Drift: An Introduction to Psychoanalytic Listening
March 18-20 — NCPS 61st Annual Meeting & Scientific Program 2022
March 19 — 15th Annual Autism Update: Autism through the Lifespan
March 30 — Transforming Trauma: Promoting Healing, Resilience, and Racial Justice in Schools
April 11 — Self-destructive impulses through the lens of object relations: Preliminary findings from the Wallerstein Psychoanalytic Research Fellowship Study
May 4-25 — SFCP Psychoanalytic Student Seminars: What is Psychological Work?
May 21 — SFCP Child Colloquium Series: Ninth Annual Evening at the Movies, “The Rider”

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2022 Annual Meeting Highlights

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